About Jules Ford

I came to neurofeedback, as many do, because of a personal necessity.  My youngest son had always been a handful and at a parent teacher conference his teacher told me she felt he was most definitely ADHD.  My heart and head raced.  I went to our pediatrician for a diagnosis and read everything I could get my hands on.  I knew that for my family, medication would be a last-resort option only. In my reading I came across ADD: The 20-Hour Solution and A Symphony In The Brain and became convinced that neurofeedback was going to be our course of action.



It was a big investment.  My husband was worried that it wasn’t covered by our insurance. I reminded him that even after the portion our dental insurance covered, we still had to make a considerable investment on our older children’s orthodontia so we should just consider this braces for our youngest’s brain.



And after ten sessions, my son started coming home and doing homework without my having to ask him.  Twenty sessions in, he started showing his natural gifts in math – we would ask him very challenging math problems aloud and he found he could easily figure them out in his head.  Forty sessions in, he was a different kid.  A calmer kid, an infinitely more confident kid.  His grades improved dramatically.  Before training he was barely on-level for his grade in reading comprehension.  Now he easily reads several grades above level.  It was a big investment monetarily but it was a monumental investment in the health and emotional well-being of our child.  We’ve never looked back.



His amazing success made me want to bring this technology to others dealing with ADHD and other symptoms of a brain out of synch with itself, so I began my practice with OptiMind Neurofeedback. I am not a doctor, but I have always been a science geek and am a longstanding member of American Mensa.  My BA and MA work was in  Communications Studies, and I have Advanced Certification in Zengar NeurOptimal®, my chosen neurofeedback modality.



I chose to work with NeurOptimal® because it is so safe.  There is no need to try to push your brain in one direction or another as other neurofeedback modalities do.  Other neurofeedback systems require a healthcare professional to diagnose your issues, usually at great cost to you (initial sessions may be over $1,000), then to plan out an extended course of action to treat what was diagnosed based on the progress of others who have trained with similar diagnoses.  With NeurOptimal®, there is no need to diagnose because the system itself is designed to dynamically interact with your unique brain instantaneously and the information it presents the brain allows the brain to correct itself moment to moment.  I am there to coach you through the training as a personal trainer for your brain. Here is a link further explaining the differences: NeurOptimal® vs. The Rest.



I would love the opportunity to talk with you about your goals with neurofeedback.  Call 818-672-6784 or Email me to begin your personal transformation.


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