How many sessions of neurofeedback will I need?
Every brain is different.  Most of my clients have sensed noticeable positive life changes in five sessions or less.   I strongly recommend a commitment of 10 sessions to begin with, then see how you feel about continuing. Your course is your choice –  stop whenever you feel ready and if you want to return for booster sessions to tune up and strengthen what your brain has already learned after you have stopped your normal sessions, that’s fine.



How often should I train?
Training benefits will accumulate whether you come twice a week or twice a month.  Your results will begin showing more quickly the more often you train.  I prefer clients to come in at least once a week.



While I train, is there anything I should be doing at home to make training go more smoothly?
Training effects will be their strongest when you take good care of yourself.  This little video talks about a metaphoric three-legged stool that supports your brain.


If you are watching this on a phone, go full screen to see the entire video.


If I stop coming, will my symptoms return?
Most likely not.  When you have adequately trained your brain to function optimally, it wants to stay that way.  Sometimes life may throw you a curveball in the form of a concussion or many high-stress events happening to you at once (moving, death in the family, divorce, etc.) or you may have to go under general anesthesia.  These life events can shake up the brain a little but a “tune-up” session or two should have you on the right track again.



Is this safe?
The process of neurofeedback merely allows the brain to gather information from itself and then use that information to facilitate positive changes. There is no electricity going into your brain.  The popularity of neurofeedback training is rapidly increasing because it is such a safe alternative to pharmaceutical interventions with remarkable results and very few, if any side effects.



What are potential side effects?
NeurOptimal® is the safest neurofeedback system out there.  It doesn’t push your brain togo into parameters set by a third party.  NeurOptimal® adjusts itself automatically in response to your brain’s activity and caters the training microsecond by microsecond to the function of your own brain, so side effects are minimal if they’re experienced at all.  The few side effects I’ve had reported by my clients are feeling tired or a little “out of it” after training or a little headache.  In the latter case, it was a noise-sensitive person whose session had been run a little too loudly.  When we established that music needed to be played at a very low volume for this client, there were no more headaches.
Most people report feeling calm and relaxed or focused and invigorated after sessions.



I came to quit smoking but I wound up being more relaxed and clearer headed – what gives?
The central nervous system rights itself on its own schedule.  Positive transformations will definitely occur, but perhaps not in the order you were hoping to have them happen.  If you have a single issue you’re addressing, it’s beneficial to think more broadly about what kinds of changes you want to see in your life.  Smoking is sometimes a response to a stressful trigger.  In brain training quite often the first change people notice is feeling less stress in stressful situations.  So maybe they’ll still smoke, but they’re smoking less because the stress that normally moves them to smoke isn’t felt so deeply.   Keep training.  Symptoms drop the longer you’re in training and the brain makes it easier and easier to do things that are healthy for your brain and less attractive to do things that harm brain function and your health in general.



I’ve heard it’s expensive.
Brain training is a commitment to optimize your brain’s function forever.  Just as orthodontic braces pull teeth together for a healthier bite pattern, brain training guides your brain to optimal performance for a healthier life.  If you think of brain training as braces for your brain, it’s easier to appreciate the cost of optimization.  The cost of training at OptiMind is very competitive, especially when booking packages.  Your brain’s health is worth this investment.
Also, because NeurOptimal® is so safe, with OptiMind, you can choose to train at home.  A NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer Unit Rental is the most cost-effective and convenient way to train your brain.



Is it covered by insurance?
Most likely not.  Brain training is not a medical intervention, though relief from many different medical conditions is often achieved as the central nervous system corrects itself.  There are some really good medical insurances that cover gym memberships and nontraditional treatments but unfortunately at this time, most insurances will not cover neurofeedback training.  Having said this, I will always provide you with a receipt for any training you schedule so you may work directly with your insurance company to see if they can reimburse a portion of your training expense.



How much does training cost and can I finance this?
Currently OptiMind accepts cash, check, credit card, PayPal, Android Pay or Apple Pay payment options.
  • Half hour initial consultation – no charge.
  • Half hour initial consultation with introductory mini-session of neurofeedback $50
  • Single Session rate: $100
When you train your body for optimal physical fitness you don’t expect to go to the gym once and have a stunning body, but each time you work out, it adds to your fitness and in due time you really notice changes.  Similarly, brain training for optimal mental fitness is not a once-and-you’re-fit experience.   I strongly encourage trainees to commit to at least ten sessions of training to have time to notice and appreciate the shifts their brains are making as they learn to process more efficiently.  To that end, I offer the following discounts for pre-paid multi-session packages:
  • 10-session rate: $950 (5% discount equivalent to $95 per session)
  • 20-session rate: $1800 (10% discount equivalent to $90 per session)
  • 30-session rate: $2550 (15% discount equivalent to $85 per session)
  • 40-session rate: $3200 (20% discount equivalent to $80 per session)
 Once you have booked more than 40 sessions, you will be held to the $80/session rate as long as you wish to continue training, whether booked singly or in advance.
Alternatively, you may choose to rent a NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer Unit to train your brain at home.  The cost of a 30-day rental is $800 and includes 20 sessions (a 60% savings over the in-office single session cost equivalent to $40 per session).




Is there a family discount if we want to train more than one member of the family?
Training as a family is an excellent idea and I highly encourage it.  The stress of one individual dealing with major concerns can’t help but affect the others in a family unit.  While the above-quoted rates remain the same for families, prepaid blocks of 20, 30 or 40 sessions can be divided among family members as you see fit.  I do strongly recommend a commitment of a minimum of ten sessions for the person whose concerns are primary but Moms, Dads and siblings will all reap benefits from the stress-reduction brain training provides.  If you know you want your entire family to train, a NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer Unit Rental will allow everyone to train in the comfort of your home as your schedules permit at a deep per-session discount.



Do you offer gift certificates?
Absolutely!  Brain training is the ultimate gift for the person who seems to have everything.  What better gift than the gift of excellent mental function?  Last minute gifts are not a problem – gift certificates can be issued either electronically or via Priority Mail.  Click on the contact link or call for further details.



Where is your office located and what is the parking like?
My office is at 4444 Riverside Drive, #305, Toluca Lake, CA, 91505, on the southeast corner of the intersection of Clybourn and Riverside.  There is plenty of 2-hour free parking on both Riverside and Clybourn streets but if you don’t feel like searching for a spot, there is a lot at the building that currently charges $1.50/hr.  Please note that if you choose to park in the building lot, you will need to check with the attendant to be directed to a parking space and I do not validate parking.



I’m too busy to leave my office during the week but I know my assistant can slate a meeting for me at my office over lunch.  Can you come to me?
Yes, I may be able to come to your office if you’re located within a reasonable distance of Burbank.   Traveling sessions are booked Tuesdays and Thursdays only.   Please see the Training To Go page for full information about training at your location.



What if I am late or need to cancel an appointment?
Appointments are scheduled every hour, and actual brain training time is about 40 minutes.  If you arrive late for your appointment, I will make every attempt to give you a full session but I must be conscious of other clients’ schedules.  If you are over 20 minutes late you will receive a very short session.  Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.  OptiMind has a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.  Cancellation of a scheduled session with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a forfeit of the full session fee. (e.g., if your session is at 1 pm Wednesday, cancel no later than 1 pm Tuesday.)  If you must cancel a prepaid appointment from a session package with less than 24 hours’ notice, that session will be deducted from your package.


What are your hours?
Office hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 am until 5 pm, and Saturdays from 8 to noon.   All training is by appointment only.