What is Brain Training?

Brain training is quite simply allowing the brain to talk to itself.
Your brain generates microvolts of electricity with each thought.  During neurofeedback, you will sit in a comfortable chair with electrode sensors on your scalp and ears which read that electrical information 256 times per second and process it through the state-of-the-art NeurOptimal® computer system.    The system will use that information to help find your personal center point of optimal responsiveness.


When your brain generates electricity indicating that it’s on the verge of going outside of your personal center point, the computer instantly interrupts your music or movie with a click or pop which brings your brain back to the moment. The central nervous system uses this information to regulate and heal itself. The more you relax and just allow a session to progress the more effective the training.


A very wise colleague once offered this analogy:  If you walked through your whole life believing you had good posture and one day saw in a mirror that your posture was in fact horrible, the first thing you would do is stand taller and straighter to achieve your desired good posture.  Neurofeedback is the mirror for your brain.  It shows the brain the areas that will benefit from training and the brain responds beautifully.


It’s easy, it’s comfortable and while your brain chats to itself you’re opening yourself up to becoming the most productive, centered, flexible and resilient you that you can be.  Most clients recognize life-changing benefits in just five sessions. Many report better sleep after a single visit to the chair.

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