Client Comments

What are my clients saying about their training?  Here are just a few excerpts:


I feel good about myself.  My overall mood has improved day-to-day.


 Math is definitely getting easier and his SRI [reading] scores shot up dramatically this semester.


I just feel so much smarter in school!


…my writers block is gone and yesterday I wrote about 16 pages=). So one more thing about neurofeedback, it helps write papers. I am very grateful I had a session yesterday.


Definitely handling stress better, not getting frustrated as quickly at work.


Not obsessing – yeay!


I have less anger and stress and I’m clearer


Migraine headaches used to make me vomit almost every week.  I have been training for 3 months and had only one migraine in that time and an emergency training session just stopped it.  No vomiting!  My headache was just gone.  I feel like they are now something I just used to have. (10-year-old boy)
Greater clarity of general perception, especially several days after the session.


I’m sleeping so soundly now.


Having an easier time dealing with the small things


I remembered that I really do love my husband this weekend.  We were doing a project that would normally have been very stressful and we just had fun with it.  


Very rich meditative time, physically profound – very invigorating.


General happiness, overall relaxation and serenity – this is good


I used to be so quick to anger at any provocation.  After just ten sessions I felt a peace settle over me.  I’m better for my kids and my husband. My ability to get things done has magnified and my perspective has totally changed.  Our days are easier. 


I have stress but don’t feel it as deeply, greatly decreased anger.


It’s relaxing like after a deep sleep and my relaxation stays with me 24-48 hours after the sessions.  


My ability to process through conflicts is much brisker than a month ago- I’m clearing emotional issues quicker.


I feel clearer, calmer, great!  My brain is loving this.


I love how fast I feel I can get to calm when the kids inspire anger.


Better sleep & now I’m prioritizing the rest of my life easier


I’m more centered, more relaxed and feeling great!  


I was up for my black belt test last month.  At prior belt tests my nerves got in the way of doing my best.  This was the hardest test I’ve ever faced and I was calm and so focused that others actually noticed and commented on it.  Nailed it, too!

I’m calm, happy and focused