Rent a NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer System

Hi, Jules,
I thought I would touch base and let you know how my training is going.  So far, it has been an amazing experience!  Almost every session, I experience some kind of breakthrough.  Memories seem to be coming back and many issues that were unresolved are surfacing so that I can clear them.  I feel calm and there isn’t much that can rattle me.  Stress seems like a long ago memory.  I’m sure you’ve heard most of this from your other clients, but wanted you to know how beneficial I am finding this.


Brain training is fantastic for just about everyone but sometimes tight family schedules and long distances get in the way.
What if you could easily get the same NeurOptimal®  training you get in my office in the comfort of your own home?


You absolutely can!


Simply rent a NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer from OptiMind Neurofeedback and you can train your whole family at home on your schedule.


When you have had and enjoyed sessions at the office and wish to continue at your own pace and include family members, the Personal Trainer is an incredible value.


Training sessions on the NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer are the exact same kind of training that you receive in my office,
just done on a portable, easy-to-learn system.  Unlike my office system, you can’t save session data but you don’t need data to get the same great results.


I am pleased to be able to offer three personal trainer package options to accommodate multiple situations:



Ideal for intensive individual training or families training together, The Original Rental Plan includes 20 sessions in 30 days for $800.
The Lite Rental Plan includes 10 sessions in 4 weeks for $600 and is excellent for individuals who want to train 2-3 days a week.
Fantastic for folks pressed for time, The Sprint Rental Plan includes 5 sessions in 2 weeks for just $375.


Whichever plan you choose, a simple Personal Trainer Boot Camp tutorial session in my office will teach you to confidently run sessions on yourself and your family.
Email Me or Call or text today to inquire about availability: 818-672-OPTI (6784)



FAQs about the NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer


I’m not good with technology – can I do this?
Can you stick a wad of gum underneath a table?
Can you tap on the image of a green circle?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, you can do this.


How many sessions can I run when I rent the NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer?
The Original Plan includes 20 sessions, to be used in 30 days.
The Lite Plan allows 10 sessions in 4 weeks.
The Sprint Plan allows 5 sessions in 2 weeks.


How much does this cost?
The Original Plan is $800 –  at $40 per session this is a 60% savings over single-session in-office training  
The Lite Plan is $600 –  at $60 per session this is a 40% savings over single-session in-office training 
The Sprint Plan is $375 – at $75 per session this is a 25% savings over single-session in-office training


What if I use all of my sessions?
If you use all contracted sessions and still have time left in your rental contract, you may do additional training at just $25 per session with any of the packages.  If you feel you’ve trained enough, simply return the system to me and this will complete the rental.  There is no compensation for unused time.


What if there are sessions left at the end of my contract?
Clients renting on The Original Plan generally want to have a more intensive experience or have a family training together.  Because of this, it’s rare for an Original Plan renter to not use all 20 sessions but if this occurs, up to 5 unused prepaid personal trainer sessions will be credited as $40 apiece toward future in-office visits (a maximum of $200 in-office credit).  With far fewer sessions available to use, on The Lite Plan and The Sprint Plan there is no reimbursement for unused prepaid sessions.  I strongly encourage renters to use all contracted sessions to realize maximum training benefits.  If your rental time is nearing an end and there are still prepaid sessions remaining you can share training with extended family members and friends to use the full amount.


Can I extend my contract time?  
If there is no other client waiting on the trainer, you may be able to keep the trainer longer by executing a Continuation of Rental Contract.


What if I need help figuring things out?
We will begin your rental with an in-office Personal Trainer Boot Camp session, during which you will get comfortable placing sensors and learn the very easy mechanics of running a session.  If you get home and find you need more help, you can always email, text or call me or we can even arrange a Skype conference so we can see one another live while we work through your questions.


How will I know this works?
In order to establish each person’s baseline and goals, included in your NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer kit will be symptom tracking forms for each person who will train.  You will notice things changing as you and your family progress in your training, and these forms are there to help you remember where you were when you began.  Changes happen so quickly and seamlessly when training with NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer that it’s easy to forget how things were if you don’t establish your baseline. I strongly encourage you to complete this very simple paperwork before you begin to track progress accurately.


Should I check in with you when I’m training at home?
Yes, please!  I love it when my clients can give me a little call or email as they train on the NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer to let me know how things are working out for them.


Can I just plug in the machine and run 20 sessions back-to-back on myself in a single day?
You could, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Great brain training occurs with just a session or two a week.  You can safely run daily sessions on yourself, and you could even run two sessions a day if you wanted to, but you don’t have to.  The benefit of having the NeurOptimal® Personal Trainer in your home is that you can easily train daily or train multiple family members or friends at a very low cost per session.  If you do choose to run twice daily sessions on anyone, please separate sessions by several hours to allow the brain to process the training, e.g., train in the morning, then again before bed.


What if I feel it doesn’t work?
Remember, the brain rights itself on its own schedule.  If you go into personal training thinking “this only works if I quit doing ___X___”  you’re not setting yourself up for the best possible outcome.  Changes will occur.  Your brain may decide to correct A, Q, S, D, M, B and Z before it works on X.  Does that mean that it doesn’t work?  Is your quality of life generally getting better even though that “X” problem is still there? If so, I encourage you to continue training to the end of your contract to see what changes your brain has in store for you.


Can you ship it to me?  
To ensure the most effective home training, you must come rent the machine in person from me and go through the Personal Trainer Boot Camp.  This is the only way for me to know for certain that you’re truly comfortable and fully competent running sessions.  The Boot Camp is free, easy, fun and informative and afterward you’ll be ready to embark on your training journey with the best possible outcomes.